Everyday of the Year

I love Christmas Decorations.

I design them

I make them.

I collect them.

I use them every year!

And I want the Christmas spirit to be around all year,

even when the decorations are in the cupboard!

I love making things, and I love Christmas, so it is natural for me to make lots of decorations.

I am trying to design a Christmas decoration for every day of the year. I think I can do it with just tree decorations, but time will tell.

I have long been fascinated by the multitude of traditions, beliefs and customs which have become a part of our modern celebration of Christmas. Even the most pagan rituals are linked by the themes of birth, children and renewal of life.

The decorations have been inspired by the biblical Christmas story, literature with Christmas themes, music (especially carols), myths, legends and traditions which have grown around the story of one very special birth, but which are often based on stories of other births and Christianised versions of pagan rituals. Others have been inspired by children, their toys and their games.  In other words, projects include anything which can be connected to Christmas celebrations in any way. (Sometimes the connection is rather tenuous!)

I have tried to align the trim with an appropriate date on the calendar, though not always successfully. Keep in mind that in the southern hemisphere Christmas is in the summer and the seasonal themed projects coincide with the expected weather. Hence snow and ice trims may be dated June, July and August.

I have tried to include summer themed projects for the half of the world below the equator. When Christmas arrives down under it can be quite hot, and some reminders of winter will maybe have a cooling effect as well as being a reminder that the winter solstice almost coincides with the Christmas day in Bethlehem.

Other festivals during the year have inspired a few trims or decorating themes, and where these are celebrated on a particular date this is noted before the project is presented. Those festivals celebrated according to the Lunar Calendar are noted at the beginning of the month in which they usually occur.

Projects are also loosely grouped according to the techniques and/or materials used, while the Categories is the place to find particular types of decorations eg stars, snowmen or bells.


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