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Deck the Sheds

Deck the sheds with bits of wattle, fa la la la la la la la la

Whack some gum leaves in a bottle, fa la la la la la la la la

All the shops are open sundies, fa la la la la la la la la

Buy your Dad some sox and undies, fa la la la la la la la la

Deck the sheds with bits of gumtree, fa la la la la la la la la

Hang some deco’s off the plum tree, fa la la la la la la la la

Plant some kisses on the missus, fa la la la la la la la la

Have a ripper Aussie Christmas, fa la la la la la la la la

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Wreath of String



Wrap some string around four fingers, tie together in three spots using matching string, glue on some fabric or ribbon bows, add a thread to hang.

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‘Twas The Night Before Christmas – Fred Waring and The Pennsylvanians – 1942 – YouTube

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas – Fred Waring and The Pennsylvanians – 1942 – YouTube.

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Jose Feliciano – Feliz Navidad (1,970) – YouTube

Jose Feliciano – Feliz Navidad (1,970) – YouTube.

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Silent Night – Mannheim Steamroller (Official Music Video – 1984) – YouTube

Silent Night – Mannheim Steamroller (Official Music Video – 1984) – YouTube.

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Flat Pack Parcels


The packages are squares cut from some plastic packaging, the ribbon was part of the wrapping for less flat items.

Hardest part of the project was getting the glue off my fingers.

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Tree in a Golden Syrup Tin

January 2014


I spent a long time dreaming about making Christmas trees, and when I finally worked out how I might be able to do it and it was time to stop dreaming I couldn’t find much green yarn of any sort! There were some interesting yarns available at the time, just not in green.

I would love to find some of this yarn in green even now, 10 -12 years later!


I decided to try anyway … and love the effect, and even the colour is OK … in Australia Christmas is in the middle of summer, and by that time of the year the landscape outside settled areas is grey green and dusty!

This year I thought the tree was looking a little jaded, so removed the decorations which had been added a bit haphazardly as I found them, and tied them on with some twine.


That slice of ‘toast’ with black stuff on it … the black stuff is Vegemite … it is not that the toast has been burnt black. Vegemite is Australia’s favourite spread for breakfast, lunch and tea.

I had a heap of key-rings … one of them the slice of toast with Vegemite … the result of cleaning out the drawers in the mid 1980s and hanging about five key-rings on a keyboard under the letter rack in the kitchen. It seemed that every second person who walked past it found a spare key-ring in their pocket to add to the collection.


The tree seemed like a reasonable place to display the key-rings for two months of the year, and a few Aussie flavored decorations added a touch of a bush Christmas.

I made Sturt Desert Pea magnets for trading tables and craft fairs, and then made a few to hang on other Christmas trees. The magnet clings to the tin.


A Tiki found their way across the Tasman sea from New Zealand and onto the tree via a guy I worked with many moons ago, but Kiwis are accepted as honorary Aussies.


The Flannel Flower on the top of the tree is from the leather work phase I went through just before I discovered patchwork and quilting.

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A tree by Half

IMG_1210November 2013

When my Dad went into hospital and decided that he would move from there into a home, the four of his children and assorted grandchildren, in-laws and general hangers on were instructed to gather at his house and tidy up the garden as he was thinking about putting it on the market.

We gathered from near and far, but it turned out to be a very wet morning.

I was staying at the house, and my brother was first to arrive, and we wandered around wondering what the so to be assembled crew could do, and we decided that cleaning out the sheds was a good option while we had plenty of hands on deck.

You will never see two sheds cleaned out so quickly … everyone was instructed to grab what they wanted as it went past them or miss out, and things started moving towards the dump trailer or one of the other vehicles which lined the street.

Someone yelled that a sad Christmas tree top had been found, but I couldn’t see the bottom of it anywhere and it went to the dump. Another tree top was tossed into my car.

When I was cleaning out cupboards inside the house later I found a Christmas tree … bottom, without a top, and I thought I had the matching pair from the shed clean out.

No, I didn’t, I had the good looking from the back but ugly front tree which had the horrible voice.

What do you do with the bottom of a tree?

Push some of the middle branches up to make a pointed top, and decorate!

The decorations are recycled cards … I glued the front to the back, cut out shapes or around pictures on the cards, added a hanging thread, add some crocheted ¬†alternative tinsel and a Santa hat … done!

Might have to cut the tinsel alternative in half though … it looks a bit overdone even for me!

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The Tree which Sang … in a former life


Underneath the decorations this tree has a voice which … if batteries are added and the switch is moved to the on position … reacts to loud noises by opening its mouth and eyes and singing.

The look is ugly, and the sound matches the looks.

The tree formerly belonged to my parents, and it took very little time for us all to get the fright of our lives when we arrived home for Christmas and the noise of our arrival set him off.

Of course, the grandchildren loved it, but we much preferred the noises they made to the tree, so we very quickly learned to move that switch to the off position.

However, if somebody new arrived, it would somehow find itself turned on again, and if the newcomers were quiet one of us would clap, yell at one of the kids or each other to set him off!

So future in-laws, and long lost aunts, uncles and cousins all got the fright test. Most of them quickly found the off button too, or kept very quiet until they were sure the tree had been silenced on their second visit.

I inherited the tree because I was the one who has a thing about over decorating for Christmas, but I only brought it home because I thought it was the top of the big tree … but I have very conveniently forgotten how to add batteries!


Without batteries it is not a bad looking tree.

And I love the wooden decorations it now sports!

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