Using paper products and glue is a bit diferent for me as most of my work involves fabric and thread. Though I do buy cardboard, I also hoard any good clean pieces that come my way for future projects. Paper products are also purchased when I see something I like, but I also recycle gift wrap, cards and colour magazines when appropriate for particular projects.


I use a variety of cardboard. Heavy card purchased from stationary suppliers, printers or newspaper offices. Recycled board is sometimes found in shirt packaging, cheap chain stores and other packaging. Grocery cartons, and appliance cartons, including refrigerators, and freezers are versatile. Cereal packets are used mainly for templates to mark shapes onto heavier board.


If sealed cardboard items bend while drying,

place between two sheets of Gladbake

and heat with a warm dry iron.

PVA wood glue is the most frequently used, but sometimes craft glue, glue sticks, glue guns or tacky craft glue are more suitable. Use PVA to seal items when finished. (Clear varnish or sealers can be used, but not necessary if decorations are to be used indoors.)

Marker pens will also be used, and will need to be permanent, water resistant. Assorted widths will be useful, and a set of colour pencils.

A useful box is great to have, with assorted threads and yarns, scraps of felt, ribbon and lace, buttons, beads, charms, greeting cards, gift wrap paper, etc.   If you haven’t got the materials used in specific projects, you may be able to think of a suitable substitute. Even if you have the materials, you may wish to use something else anyway.


All patterns are included, full size. Use glue stick to glue pattern pages to cereal boxes and cut out to make templates.

Read directions through before starting each project, and gather together the required materials.


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