Messy Stuff


Marker pens will be used, and will need to be permanent, and water resistant. Assorted widths will be useful, and a set of colour pencils.

permanent markers are often my tool of choice when colouring small items. Can be used on fabric, timber, and all paper and cardboard products. Check for the ‘permanent’ label on all markers.

Fine permanent markers are used to add details, including facial features, to small items too.


PVA wood glue is the most frequently used, but sometimes craft glue, glue sticks, glue guns or tacky craft glue are more suitable. PVA can be used to seal items when finished. (Clear varnish or sealers can be used, but not necessary if decorations are to be used indoors.)


I am not a painter by choice, but sometimes want a quick method of colouring something. I use whatever paints I find when I want to paint something. I keep a few acrylic artists paints in the cupboard in my favourite colours, a couple of cans of spray paint, maybe there will be some leftovers from larger household projects, and sometimes I just head for the shops to find something to do a particular job.

This means my painting projects are a bit hit and miss, and I would do myself a big favour by going to some classes, but always manage to find a good reason not too! If you want to learn about painting take a class with someone who knows what they are talking about. If you just want to make a few Christmas decorations here are the basic requirements I suggest you keep in the cupboard.

Red, green, gold, cream acrylic paints ….. water based and water clean up!

Sealer ….. water based and cleanup here too.

Assorted brushes

Newspaper, plastic bags, to protect surfaces, including the floor.(You don’t have to ask me about that!)


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